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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Volunteer Highlight - Mary Ruud

Normally, this blog is dedicated to highlighting the Dobermans looking for their furr-ever homes, or the alumni Dobermans who have found their forever homes.

Today, as we celebrate with our 3rd annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic, we are highlighting someone who is integral to DRM, having personally touched almost everyone associated with DRM.

Mary has dedicated countless hours, day and night, leading Doberman Rescue Minnesota over the past 5 years, and as an active volunteer for more than 15 years. Mary has a heart of gold that touches every Doberman, especially our special friends in need. As Mary takes a temporary leave of absence, we celebrate what Doberman Rescue Minnesota is today because of her tireless commitment.  Mary has been the strong guide who has identified key individuals and built a strong board of 14 current members to lead Doberman Rescue Minnesota today and tomorrow, inspiring and engaging volunteers and fosters to participate with her infectious enthusiasm, whether it be at events or opening their homes to our foster dogs as they find their place of safety with us, and being there to answer any question from our adopters as they help their dobies adjust to their new furr-ever homes. Mary has been the face of DRM, and has always and continues to look out for the best interest of any Doberman in need, opening her house whenever needed! I have personally been at Mary’s home with puppies, where you needed all fingers and toes to keep track of the pack, round the clock!

While Mary is on her leave of absence, rest assured that the rest of us here at Doberman Rescue Minnesota can't wait for her return, and are here to help all of these Dobermans that have touched this community's heart and continue to need our support!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm a Texas Girl

Hi everyone, my name is Sasha.
I'm a southern girl ready to make my forever family smile everyday because I'm so loving and very cute too.
I'm on a diet and started a new medicine.  I hear I have something called hypothyroidism which just means I get a pill twice a day.  My people hide my pill in a treat.  ha, I don't mind at all.  I'll be at your side and adore you forever so give me a chance.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Foster Homes Desperately Needed

Every single day DRM receives requests to help Dobermans in need. As hard as we try to save every Doberman we can, we can only take in so many as we have foster homes for.

Have you ever thought about fostering? Now is the time to sign up!

Take a look at some of our Frequently Asked Questions: 

1)      Does fostering cost anything?
No! Fostering is 100% free to you. DRM provides all necessary supplies like food, crate, toys, and covers all medical expenses.

2)      Do I need a fence?
Though it is not always required, it is strongly preferred to have a fence. Dogs must never be on a tie out (we have seen far too many accidents on tie outs) and must always be leashed if a foster home does not have fence.

3)      Is it OK if I have other animals in my home?
Absolutely! Residents animals must be up to date on all vaccines and on monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventative. We try to find out as a much as we can about the Doberman before placing the dog in a foster home. For instance, if we know the dog is not friendly with cats, we will not place the dog in a home that has cats!

4)      How do I know what dog I am going to foster?
 No dog will ever be forced on you! The foster coordinator team will work with you to identify the best foster dog for your family and home. However, it is up to you if you’d like to foster the dog!

5)      Can I foster if I have children in my home?
Yes! Children must be older than 6 years old.

6)      What happens if I want to adopt my foster dog?
That is fantastic! We welcome that at DRM and will gladly have you join the “foster fail” family!

7)      What am I responsible for by fostering a Doberman through DRM?
You are responsible for the care of your foster dog! Making sure you foster has food, shelter and giving the dog extra TLC until their forever home is found. We love it if fosters can work on socialization and basic obedience training. Fosters should plan on attending adoption events to give the foster dog a chance to meet potential families. We also like updates with photos, videos and a foster written biography to attract potential adopters!

8)      What if it is not working out with my foster dog?
Unfortunately, not all dogs are great in every home. This happens! When it does, DRM will work with you find a new foster home for the dog. Your family’s safety and the dog’s safety are our main concerns!

9)      Do I have to take my foster to the vet?
Yes! We will work with you to find a DRM approved veterinary clinic to take your foster dog to if needed.

10)   What happens if I go on vacation?
No problem! We have vacation fosters.

11)   How often are adoption events?
We have adoption events at least once a month, and events are located all over the Twin Cities. Visit our website or Facebook page for all event listings.

12)   How long is the typical foster dog in rescue for?
This is truly varies depending on the dog. We have had dogs adopted within days and some that have taken years! We really try to keep the same foster home until the dog is adopted.

13)   Where do your Dobermans come from?
DRM takes in any Doberman in need that we can place. We will take dogs sitting in shelters, owner surrenders, and have a few partnerships with other rescues that will transfer their Dobermans to us. 

14) Why should I foster with DRM? 
Fostering a dog is truly saving a life. DRM receives pleas for help every single day, and we can only take in dogs that we have foster homes for. Fostering is free to you and so, so rewarding! 

DRM is a fun community of passionate and committed volunteers here to help you every step of the way. 

15) What support is offered to me while fostering?  
Every volunteer at DRM is supported by the other members. You will be working with the foster and adoption team if you have any specific questions on the process or your foster dog. 

We also have volunteer photographers, like KME Photography, that will take professional photos of your foster dog at no cost! Great photos and videos help get your foster dog noticed!

We have social media groups for you to ask questions and get to know your fellow DRM community! 

16) Ok I am in! How do I get started?
Wonderful! Visit our website and fill out a volunteer application! Our Foster team will be in touch shortly!

Monday, April 4, 2016

KME recent photo session of our adoptable dogs!

Photos by KME Photography
An amazing, generous person, who does beautiful work! 
Check out our adoptable Dobermans, professionally captured by KME! We support all those who support our rescues and highly encourage you to support KME Photography!! 


Athena, 5 year old dobe girl, give or take on her age as we are not sure! She was found as a stray wandering the streets, so she could be much younger!! We think she has had puppies in her past, and shes not telling us nothing about her past, other then she wants a fresh new start and wants it to happen now that shes in Minnesota! Athena hitched a ride from Doberman Rescue of Northern Texas, our partner rescue, to Minnesota with a wonderful network of Doberman transporters, whom we call, "Rescue Angels", and got  Athena safely to the land of 10,000 lakes to find her forever home. She has been found to be hypothyroid and is now on daily medication ( cost about 25 cents a day to treat!) She is a very sweet girl, a lover not a fighter! She loves other dogs and children! Athena has her stuffed babies she carries around all day and mothers. She loves to go for car rides, is house trained and can reliable be left home alone. She is not a chewer, but is know to do the Doberman pinch to those she loves!!!

Sabar is a two year old dober-dude. He is one of the largest boys we have ever seen! Near 100 pounds he has the classic look of Scooby-dooby-doo. Sabar, big as he is, has a soft disposition and a gentle soul, unless your a chicken. Good with the kids and most other dogs big and small. He does love the taste of chicken, and heck who doesn't, but he did not understand the difference between dry dog food kibble made with chicken, and the live chickens that roamed the grounds at his previous home. Sabar loved him some fresh chicken in those days, which is why this sweet guy is now looking for a home with DRM, without live chickens to tempt him! 
Huh? You mean I can't eat that chicken??

Ok, I think I get it. 

Just dog food made with chicken, right?
Goodness, I see me a chicken over there! 

 Lucy has just recently found a home that will make her the queen of her castle! Way to go Ms. Lucy!!! Pretty girl!


Lady luck is on her way to happy ever after! Way to go Lady and thank you to her new fur-ever family for adopting her, along with putting in a brand new physical fence ( Per our adoption policy) to keep Lady safe from herself and other dangers! Your new family rocks Lady, your gonna be a "lucky" Lady for sure!


Victor is a blue Dober-gent, all of 4 years old. Victor will be true blue, loyal companion to whom ever adopts this wonderful boy. Victor is a master of the Doberman lean and a very watchful guy who will keep a keen eye on you at all times. Victor loves to play with his foster dobe sister, go for car rides, go for walks and lay at the feet of the people who care for him. He would love to find a home that will adore and love him as much as he promises to adore and love his new masters. Victor will be the most loyal dog ever, as he is very true to those who love him back.

Stained Glass Dobermans donated to DRM by Groomer at Ruffin' Inn Pet Lodge in Buffalo for Dobe O Rama, 2016 Silent Auction!

Dobe O Rama 2016

Save the Date!

September 24th, 2016

Buffalo Civic Center
Buffalo, Minnesota

These beautiful Stained Glass Doberman art pieces, handmade by groomer, Marilyn Carney from Ruffin' Inn Pet Lodge will be available at the Dobe O Rama silent auction on Septmeber 24th! 
Marilyn will also be available to trim your pups nails for a small donation to support Doberman Rescue Minnesota, so bring your pups, get their nails done, get some free treats and let them play in the indoor play area! You can bid on all the amazing silent auction items we will have available and help support a homeless Doberman! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Shop at Chuck and Don's on December 6th

We are thrilled to be the beneficiary of Chuck & Don's! Stop in and shop during open hours at any location in Minnesota on December 6th and 5% of your purchase will be donated to 31 different rescues! Each organization will receive an equal part of 5%, so please encourage your friends and family to shop on December 6th! 

Even better? DRM will be at the Roseville location with some adorable, adoptable pups from 11-12:30!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Don't miss Pause 4 Paws A Tail-Waggin Affair, November 5th!

Come join us at this awesome event hosted by Pause 4 Paws in an effort to raise money for not only Doberman Rescue Minnesota but 17 other animal rescues in Minnesota! 

Available rescue girl, Valentine,  A Paw-Shaking and hoping you will all come!

 Buy your tickets at the link above!
Enjoy entertainment from KDWB's Falon, along with KFANS Meatsauce Lambert and Chris Hawkey

There will be beer and wine tasting, Hors d'Ĺ“uvre's, silent auction and live auction with lots of great items available to the lucky bidder! Plus do not miss the raffle! Only 500 tickets sold! 10 big winners! your odds are pretty good on winning! Email us at if you would like to buy a ticket!
Get your golden ticket here!!

Love a Rescue Doberman!

Friday, October 16, 2015

DRM Partners with BarkBox

Did you know DRM has a partnership with BarkBox? For every new subscription using the code DRM, the rescue receives a $25 donation and the you receive 10% off! 

DRM Alumni Rory showing off her September BarkBox! $45 worth of toys and treats, $17 for her subscription each month
A few FAQ's:

What is BarkBox?
For humans, BarkBox is a monthly delivery of toys, treats, and chews. For dogs, BarkBox is like the joy of 1 million belly scratches. From heavy chewers to special allergies, we paw-pick the best natural treats, chews, and innovative toys to match your dog’s unique preferences.

What comes in a Barkbox?
Good question! Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Scout, head product tester for BarkBox. Each month is thoughtfully crafted and each item is unique from anything we'll ever send in a later box - variety is the spice of life, no?
We put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month's box from only choosing high quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats, to observing our own pups put the toys to the test. We're really proud of our boxes because we know every item is something we've seen pups not only enjoy, but benefit from stimulation wise and health wise. And that's what our goal is - to make pups happy with healthy, life-enriching gifts each month.

Where are the items made? Are they safe for my pup?
We totally understand your concern for your pups health, we feel the same way! We have extremely high standards for all of the edible items we select for the boxes. All treats are sourced from the USA and Canada, and chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Rest assured, we would never send items we would not give our own very spoiled pups.

Here are our head product tester Scout's standards when testing edible items: Minimal processing; no glycerin whenever possible; wheat, soy, corn, filler-free whenever possible; organic whenever possible. We are moving toward limited, if not single, ingredient products.

Our toys, grooming products, and hygiene products are sourced from around the world and are all approved by our office dog product testers. We want everything we include in BarkBox to be high quality and safe and the thorough testing we do on our own dogs allows us to feel confident about the standard of quality of goods manufactured here or abroad.

We're really proud of our boxes because we know every item is something we've seen dogs not only enjoy, but benefit from stimulation and health wise. And that's what our goal is; to make pups happy with healthy, life-enriching gifts each month.

My dogs have been receiving BarkBox for about 2 years now and every month is something new and fun!

Silly Dobie! You have your own BarkBox, you don't have to steal Moose's! 

More info at and be sure to use code DRM at check out!